Posted by: cruisec0ntr0l | June 13, 2016



Mary Joy Tabal is keen on living her dream of being an olympian, now in talks with PATAFA. (Photo from Cebu Daily News)


Ms. Mary Joy Tabal has taken another step in her request to be reinstated in the PATAFA national team.
We met with Tabal and her major supporter, Cebu-based Motor Ace Philippines, represented by Messrs Jonel and Chippy Borromeo, both active sports benefactors.

We discussed the direction which Tabal wishes to take with respect to her future as a national athlete bearing in mind the short term, the forthcoming Rio Olympics, and  the medium and long terms, after the Rio Olympics.
In accordance with IOC, POC, IAAF and PATAFA requirements, we sent Tabal to the PSC Sports Science Center , headed by Dr Alex Pineda, for the mandatory, unannounced out-of-competition drug/doping test. Results will be known in 10 calendar days.

Tabal has agreed to comply with all PATAFA rules and regulations, both existing and still to be promulgated, although certain matters remain to be discussed  with regard to where she will train and who her coach shall be.
We will process all that we took up during what was a fruitful discussion and will need a few days to promulgate our final position on her reinstatement .

Thank you…

Here’s to hoping that everything will be settled at the soonest possible time so Mary Joy could buckle down to work and concentrate on her training for the Rio Olympics 2016.


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