Posted by: cruisec0ntr0l | March 8, 2016

Borlain Sisters does a hat trick at the Alaska IronKids 2016 in Subic Bay


It was another fun and exciting weekend in Subic Bay when kids aged 6-14 year olds raced and played at the Alaska Ironkids held at the WOW recreation and activity center grounds.


Sam and Tara celebrates as youngest sister Chezka crosses the finish line complete the hat trick.

Perrenial favorites Sam, Tara, and Chezka Borlain went on to rule their respective age groups that earned them a free trip to Ironkids Cebu in August.


Tara at the top of the podium for the 11-12 yo category.

It was not an easy day at the park for Sam and Tara who both encountered problems with their bikes after exiting T1…but with their composure, they were able to shrug-off the slight distraction to hammer out a well deserved win.


Chezka will be waiting for you in Cebu. 🙂

Chezka meanwhile raced almost trouble-free to grab the gold in the 6-8yo age category.


Sam with Wacky Baniqued on top of their game for the 13-14yo categories.

On the distaff side, it was Wacky Baniqued who ruled the 13-14 age group with a scorching pace of 3:48/km on the run leg. He also earned a ticket to race in Cebu for free this August.


The darling of the crowd, Athena Bagas enjoying her reward... 🙂

After the race, it was time to play…kids who want to get a feel of the game sans the pressure, were allowed to simulate what the “veterans” did earlier. One of the darlings of this category was a 3year old baby girl who captured the hearts of the crowd…waving to everyone who cheered her on while doing her “run leg”.

I’m sure it will be another exciting run and play event at the next leg of the Alaska Ironkids in August so see you all in Cebu!

For more details, photos, and results, kindly log on to, Alaska Ironkids Philippines on facebook, @ironkidsphilippines and @alaskaplayph on instagram and @ironkidsphil on twitter.


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