Posted by: cruisec0ntr0l | May 20, 2015

My Alaska Cycle Philippines Experience.

“God says yes, and give us what we want, God says no, and gives you something better…”

This quote is what immediately came to mind when an invite came to join the Alaska Cycle Philippines event last Sunday at the SM MoA grounds. Was scheduled to participate at a duathlon event a week back, my first actually. But as luck would have it, something came up last minute that prevented me from doing so. Then the invite came, a bit of a surprise actually since the ride would be happening in 3days. I immediately said yes! Excited? Of course, who wouldn’t be.

A day before the event, I went out for a short ride to see if my bike needs some twitching. Tuned it a bit and we’re ready to roll…errr…ride!

On event day, met up early with fellow runner/blogger Jet to get my ride kit. Quickly changed and wore the nice f2p jersey that came with the kit, installed the nos. on the helmet and bike and made sure that everything is in place. We were also supposed to meet another runner/blogger Rod, but sadly, he failed to wake up on time for the ride.


Riders eagerly waiting...

We then proceeded to the event area just in time for our 5:55am gunstart. Met a few friends on the same wave (F) who are also eager to get on with the ride. Riders on their road bikes, mountain bikes, single speeds and folding bikes are all raring to go.


Jet and I waiting for the gunstart.

And the countdown begins, 3…2…1…and we’re off! Jet and I agreed to just pace each other and just enjoy the ride, it’s not a race anyways…we comfortably cruised at an average speed of 25-30kph on the open flats, then slowed down to around 10-15kph in the flyovers where most of the riders had a bit of difficulty in the ascent thus, slowing everyone down. What came as a surprise was the run event that coincided with the ride. We learned later on that the organizers of the run event failed to secure a permit, but proceeded anyway with the assistance of some “rogue” cop. Tsk! It’s just sad that some people would risk the safety of the runners as well as the participants (bikers) of the Alaska Cycle Philippines.

A noticed a few accidents though, mostly on the upramps of the flyovers. They were caused mostly by some riders failing to anticipate and maneouver around those who made sudden swerves and stops.

The category (challenge ride) requires that we finish 40kms./4laps along and around Roxas Blvd. Something that you can’t do on an average day, where this particular road is busy as hell.

The hydration pit stop was strategically located near the turn around point where marshals are quite friendly and accommodating. We stopped twice to refill our bidons with gatorade, the last on the final lap to somehow recharge for final stretch. Jet and I then cruised along, passing some riders who are evidently spent with going up and down the Buendia and EDSA flyover 8 times.


With Jet and the Running Diva after the ride. Photo courtesy of the Jared, the Supladong Irish Runner.

As we cross the finish line everyone was all smiles…marshals giving out sausage mcmuffins as a reward 😉 to all riders who finished.


The real reward...

We were then led to the side of the road where the handsomely crafted medals were given out. Except for some minor hitches beyond their control, i’d say it was overall succesfull and well organized event.


Good job rider F2112

Congratulations to Alaska Milk and Sunrise Events, Inc. for letting us have a wonderful experience. Keep up the good work and hope you’ll continue to bring us more world class events in the future.


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