Posted by: cruisec0ntr0l | March 19, 2014

Run United 1: Earning a Medal and the right to be called a FINISHER!

Been battling with a running slump for a couple of years now…and what made it more difficult was the additional poundage gained during that span of time. Last year looked promising the first half, but suddenly turned gloomy when a string of “freak” injuries struck.

Not much story to tell regarding my Run United 1 experience…wasn’t able to go FASTER (CITIVS), unlike almost everyone who aimed and got a PR. But i’m proud to say I finished it, thus earning the right to wear the medal and the shirt that goes along with it.

This year, i’m planning to take it slow…maybe even slower than last year. Finish times are not of utmost importance, i just hope to be more “healthy” to be able to participate in all three legs of the Runrio Trilogy: Run United Series. Who knows, i might even level up and do multi-sport towards the end of the year. 😉

*credits to the photog who took the action pic 😉


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