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Enervon Activ powers fitness experts and students of the 2013 PHASES Conference


Highly competitive athletes, because of their rigorous training regimen and numerous workout sessions, are often susceptible to respiratory infections. Hard and continuous training depletes their energy, and weaken their immune system dramatically—causing sports fatigue.
EnerActiv Ambassador Coach Rio Dela Cruz teaches proper running form and techniques
“Kapag nasosobrahan ka ng exercise, nagkaka-fatigue yung katawan kaya bumibigay,” imparted Enervon Active Ambassador Coach Rio Dela Cruz at the recent Philippine Association for Sport and Exercise Sciences (PHASES) Conference. Coach Rio shared the importance of having good endurance to avoid the onset of sports fatigue, affecting sports performance.

During the workshop, he educated participants on executing the proper running form, demonstrated warm-up drills for running and the event was concluded by making participants go through a Stamina Challenge by Enervon Activ.

Another Enervon Activ Ambassador and elite triathlete Ani De Leon-Brown was also part of the roster of speakers who talked about the importance of stamina during training. “Building stamina as an athlete is very essential because that is our weapon when we go to war,” shared Coach Ani during her talk, emphasizing the importance of proper nutrition to build stamina and combat sports fatigue.

Both athletes professed that the secret to better performance is not just high quality training but also proper nutrition. “If you want to improve your stamina and defeat sports fatigue, you have to go back to taking good care of yourself. For you to be able to work-out well, you have to support that with proper hydration, recovery tools like Enervon HP recovery supplement, rest, a well-balanced diet and nutritional supplements such as Enervon Activ that aid in strengthening the body’s immune system,” advised Coach Ani to aspiring runners. “Throughout my training phase, I ensure I get my right nutrition so by the time race day comes, I’m ready to compete.”

The seminars done by the two ambassadors were organized by the Philippine Association for Sport and Exercise Sciences, in collaboration with the University of Santo Tomas (UST) Department of Rehabilitation Sciences and in partnership with Unilab Active Health, the title sponsor of the said event. The event showcased the advances and innovations in sports and exercise science; with modules on building stamina and proper recovery techniques, last May 23 to 25 at the UST Medicine Cinematorium.

Coach Ani with Ms. Bianca of Enervon ACTIV

The three day event was attended by Physical Education teachers, coaches and students from around the metropolis. It featured hands-on workshops on high intensity training, therapeutic taping, running techniques and symposiums on recent developments in sports rehabilitation, and sports psychology by a mix of local and international practitioners and researchers in physical activity, sports and recreation.

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