Posted by: cruisec0ntr0l | June 6, 2013

My Run United 2 “Afroman” Experience: Painful but Sweet

This year, I vowed to come back to where I was once…physically. After having a sort of a “lay-off” last year because of injury, getting back into shape isn’t a bit easy…sometimes disappointing.

After finishing the Run United 1 21k a few months back, I promised myself that I would finish and complete the Runrio Trilogy this year. Last Sunday’s 32k was a first, the Afroman distance as it’s now more popularly known.

Started the race conservatively, doing a comfortable run-walk routine that would safely get me to the finish line in 4hrs 30mins – 5hrs. But after doing #1 three times (twice before gunstart and once at the 2km mark) and sweating profusely for the first 10k because of the high humidity, I then felt dehydrated by kilometer 15th…worse, I started cramping up on the 16th.

Everytime I started running, my calves would twitch…I just can’t seem to figure out what went wrong at that moment since I never skipped any hydration station, and alternately took water and Gatorade even if i’m not yet thirsty. But I guess they weren’t enough…so instead of dwelling on the problem, I started computing if I could still make it to 5hrs. Hmmm…checked my pace and it looked quite possible so it somehow lifted my spirits up.

The course was an “out and back-out and back” route that would mean passing thru the starting/finish line mid-way through the race, before coming back again to finally finish. After seeing a lot of 10 and 21k runners on their way to the line, several questions went through my mind during the “pass thru”…do I quit the race and try again next year? What about the Trilogy? If I quit, would it affect my preparations for Milo 42k in July? Questions you can never answer wisely in the middle of the race while suffering from cramps on both legs.

So what’s the best decision to make? Suck it all up and just go on! The last 10k seems like eternity to me…with the Sun finally making it’s presence felt, I suddenly remembered my Milo 2010 experience (also cramped up mid way) where I walked the the second half of the Marathon and still made it to the cut-off, therefore earning my first 42k medal.

I then continued, one kilometer at a time…not minding the pain, the heat and humidity. But instead thinking about the finish line, the medal and the trilogy. It was indeed painful (but not as painful as quitting though) as I crossed the line, can’t even do a sprint…or more realistically, a jog to the finish. But it was indeed sweet, as sweet as my first marathon.

Thanks and two thumbs up once again to Runrio, Inc. and UniLab Active Health for giving us runners another great race. See you all once again at the Run United 3.


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