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Run United 2 Race Day Essentials


Parking Areas:

Parking areas you may utilize for this Sunday’s race, available starting at 12:01am on June 2, 2013.

1. North Parking Building (Car Park Building above Hypermarket)
2. North Open Parking (Open Car Park in between One E-com and SMDC Showroom
3. Block 12 (Open Car Park between One E-com and SM by the Bay) — old activity area)
4. IMAX Parking
5. Planetarium Parking (Open Car Park across the MOA Eye)
6. South Open Parking (Open Car Park in between Arena and SMX)
7. South Parking Building (Car Park Building above Dept Store)For the route map, check out this link:

Gun Start and Startling Line:
Enervon Activ 32km Afroman Distance – 3:00 AM
Hydrite 21km Category – 4:00 AM
Enervon HP 10Km Category – 5:30 AM
Ceelin 500m Dash Category – 7:00 AM
The location of the starting line is: Block 20 Seaside Blvd. Mall of Asia

Race Day Reminders:
1. Please do fill up the RUNNER’S INFO/ EMERGENCY CONTACT DETAILS at the back of your race bib.
2. Strictly NO BIB, NO RACE. We will not provide replacements for lost or forgotten bibs. Runners are responsible for the safekeeping of their own race bibs.
3. Don’t forget to wear your D-TAG around your shoe laces on race day. The D-TAG have step-by-step instructions printed on them. These will allow you to have accurate race results and will allow you to claim your finishers’ items after the race.
4. Baggage counters are available for you to deposit your belongings before running. However, we strongly discourage you from leaving valuables in your bags.
5. Finishers of 3km and 21km categories will be receiving finisher’s medals upon crossing the finish line and their finisher’s shirts at the finishers claiming area. No D-TAG, No Finisher’s Shirt.
6. Do drop your RAFFLE stubs at the tambiolo near the Active Health apparel booth. Cut-off to drop your raffle stub is 8:30am on June 2.

Safety and Security Reminders:

1. Please refrain from bringing large bags and leaving valuables inside your baggage when checking into the baggage deposit.
2. Strictly NO PETS allowed along the race route and activity area.
3. Should you feel unwell at any point during the race do not hesitate to inform a marshal or medic.
4. To avoid heat-related illnesses, do hydrate yourself constantly and wear a visor or sunglasses. Hydration stations during the race will be every 1.5km.
5. In case of rain, wear a visor or cap for better visibility and watch your step as roads may be slippery.
6. Should the need arise, do not hesitate to call our emergency hotline: 0917-8287828 or 0908-2177777.

Keeping Safe and Healthy During Races:
The Active Health lifestyle guide provides essential guideposts that can make your journey to better health as safe, effective, and enjoyable as possible for ourselves and our whole family. We highly encourage you to take a few minutes to get useful tips here:

For more details visit Like us on Facebook UnilabActiveHealth or follow us on Twitter @ulactivehealth for updates.

See you in Run United 2!


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