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Accidental Century Ride

Saturday, 03 November 2012. I together with two village/running buddies Alex and Joe agreed to ride out to Boso-boso in Antipolo via Marcos Hiway. It’s roughly 50kms. (back and forth) from our place. The supposed turn around point was a “pit stop” famous for it’s Bulalo and other native dishes which cyclists rave about.

We took off from our place in Brookside Hills, Cainta at exactly 5:30am. The plan was to just take it easy since it’ll be their first time to ride that long and it’ll only be my second. It was 7 months ago since I first visited the place and memories of the numerous killer uphills keep playing on my mind that got me asking…Is it a good idea to do it again? Well…why not! 😉

At our first stop-over/picture taking at around 20kms into the ride. 5kms to go, breakfast na! 😉

At the famous Mang Vic’s Bulalohan for the breakfast stop over, “gutom jones” na!

Now, what to order? Right from the mahiwagang kumukulong kaldero…would it be Bulalo, Pinapaitan, or Kalderetang Kambing?… 😉

After breakfast, I checked on the odometer and it read 25.68kms. From a sign that was posted beside the eatery, we learned that the Sierra Madre Hotel was just 19kms. away. We then toyed with the idea of going all the way. Powered by Pinapaitan and Kalderetang Kambing, the consensus was it’s a go! Bahala na si Batman! 😛 We just agreed to take it easy and have a break whenever our quads would scream and tells us to.

Break no. 1. I wonder when was the time that big rock fell…

At the Garden Cottages where several bikers also took a break from the seemingly never ending climb.

After just less than 2kms. of continuous uphill, we found a good spot (w/ shade) to rest and take some bananas for that much needed potassium. 😉 Here with Joe sitting leisurely on a big rock.

Even our bikes look spent already from our “kalokohan”. 😉

And off we go once again…akyatan na naman!

After a few kms. we stopped again, this time at a local carinderia/kapihan for some refreshments and met an interesting group of “bad ass.” bikers. 😛 They provided the much needed entertainment that somehow made the remaining kilometers to the top, shorter.

A view of the “never ending, long and winding road”. Hays! 😛

Awesome mountain ranges in the background and an even more “awesome” looking railings that were converted to a makeshift clothesline by the locals in the foreground… 😦 hays! Kaunting ahon na lang daw at nasa “rurok” na kami…

Finally, We made it to the top! Having a mandatory pose infront of the Sierra Madre Hotel. Ang “rurok” ng tagumpay! hahaha! 😛











The Odometer and Altimeter readings at the peak / Hotel area. No wonder it took us an hour longer for the second half of the trip going up which is even 6kms. shorter than the first. Mas maraming ahon and It was literally more like a roller coaster ride.

After a few pictures as “evidence”, we decided to have lunch at the nearby pasalubong center/bulalohan. An order of steaming bulalo, gotong batangas and rice with RC cola was more than enough for the three of us. Hopefully, enough to fuel the downhill ride back to civilization.

Surprised and happy to meet one of the three Pinays who conquered Mt. Everest a few years back and current National Dragon Boat Team member, Ms. Noelle Wenceslao who also rode up together with her friend. They gamely agreed for a souvenir shot while preparing for their trip back to Manila.

We asked fellow bikers on which way is “easier” going back and their advice was to just traverse the Tanay/Sampaloc-Baras-Morong-Binangonan-Angono-Taytay route back to Cainta. An obviously longer ride but much more easier on the quads.

We then joined several other bikers who kindly offered to lead us to the Sampaloc Junction, it was a very fast 6kms of pure downhill wherein we even reached a speed of 60kms/hr. Could’ve even gone faster but felt the need to clamp on the brakes because of the drizzle that “accompanied” us which made the roads a bit slippery…better safe than sorry.

We then parted ways since the other group will still be on their way to Real, Quezon. From then on, it was a long and almost flat ride going to Morong via Manila East Road.

 A quick stop over at a local buco station in Baras for that much needed electrolytes and carbs for that one final push. Roughly 25-30kms more.

Alex having his buco fix. 😉

After a few more minutes of rest and kwento that this might be a “century ride” in the making, we went on once again. Tired but excited about the idea. It was smooth sailing from then on until we reached a diversion road going to Binangonan, that would entail another short but steep hill climb.

Instead of going back and taking another few extra kms., we just continued and just walked/pushed our bikes when our legs gave in. And as what we all know, “pagkatapos ng matinding uphill, may masarap at mabilis na downhill.” 😉 😛 It was smooth sailing from there…After Binangonan, we turned right at the bypass road to avoid traffic at the Angono town proper.

One more town to go and we’ll be home. A quick stop at a local bike shop to check on members of the Sta.Mesa Bikers Ass. 😛 whom we met going up, since they needed to have a minor bike trouble fixed. We didn’t stay long and just wished each other a safe trip home. For us, it’s now a case of “so near and yet so far”. With the Sun starting to set, all we needed to do was finish this so we could rest. After less than an hour and with little sunshine left, we are now back to where we started.

But there’s a “small” problem, the odometer reading says 98.25kms. Huwaaaat!!! Bitiiin!!! With less than 2kms. short of 100kms, our tired and weary legs cooperated with our minds and we rode around the village to complete an “accidental” but certainly satisfying ride.

The odometer reading when I reached home. After almost 12 hours fun and struggle, we made it. Thank you Lord for taking care of us the whole time and making this 100 kilometer trip trouble free.

Until the next “accident”, see you on the road and ride safely.



  1. Hey bob ! thanks for sharing. i may try this for my new adventure run ! 🙂

    • Hey, no problem. I think it’s an ultramarathon route used by BR for one his races before. It would be best/safe if you’ll start from the bulalohan, not too much vehicles along the route. Just the occassional Ferraris, Porsches and Ducatis hehehe 😉

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