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The Skechers GOrun: A runner’s Feedback

Ever since I saw the new Skechers GOrun late last year, I was quite intrigued about it’s design. At how a leisure/recreational shoe brand would fare against the pioneering running shoe brands in the Philippine Running Market.

With the running boom that we’re experiencing right now, a lot of us are more concerned on how to run injury free by wearing the right shoes. Being a big guy with a low-arch feet, it is very common for shoe experts to recommend a stability shoe for me. Well, I’ve been wearing one ever since I got injured with Plantar Fasciitis almost 5 years ago. The problem with runners who suffer from this injury is that it’s quite common for us to develop heel spurs. And everyone who has them would know how painful it is, and it would surely hamper one’s training program.

Runner-bloggers with the Skechers people at the GOrun launch.

During the Skechers GOrun product launch early this year, I was able to talk to Ms. Bernice Almonte-Bobadilla, the brand manager for Skechers GOrun and we talked about the innovations of the shoe. I was quite skeptical about it since my notion is that a lightweight/neutral racing shoe is only intended for bio-mechanically efficient runners. And being a big buy with a history of foot problems, i’m quite contented with the one that i’m wearing at that moment.

She was very nice to offer me a pair to try on so I could feel how the technology works and just tell her how it goes after.  So who am I to decline? Upon receiving the shoe, I immediately tried them on.

notice the raised heel?

At first it felt weird, feeling the “bump” on the arch of the foot and at the same time “not feeling” the heel part of the shoes. Since the shoe was constructed with the “rocker” technology, the heel and forefoot were designed to be higher off the ground than the midfoot. And with a lot of researches coming out right now, a lot of foot injuries will be avoided by doing a mid-foot strike which is the “efficient” way of running according to studies.

With that in mind, I was consciously trying to practice that. And with the shoes that I was wearing at that time, I tend to forget about it midway during runs, and unconsciously go back to heel striking especially when I begin to tire out. But with the new Skechers GOrun, it would be impossible for you not to “mid-foot strike”. It’s like you’d practically be an efficient runner in a snap. 😉

note: see Meb’s tips on how the GOrun can improve your running form

at the last stretch before the finishline…do i look happy or what? 😉

I started using them regularly during training runs, and what I notice is that the longer I use them, the more comfortable they get. I used it twice already at a race, a 15k at the Ensure to Endure Run a few weeks ago and a Half Marathon (21k) just yesterday at the Run United 2, and each time I felt really comfortable wearing them.

my Skechers GOrun with the colored laces 😉

What I also like about it is the seamless constructon of the “upper” which is like wearing thick socks. It also doesn’t have the structured feel of most conventional running shoes which sometimes trigger the pain from heel spurs. The wide toe box is a plus since being a big guy, I sort of have wide feet. It somehow lessens blister problem when my feet gets soaked up in sweat especially when running in the rain and on long runs. There’s even a bonus of having an extra pair of laces that has the same color as the upper. 😉

One thing that I can’t vouch for at the moment is it’s durability. Since rubber out soles are only placed on the GOimpulse sensors in the middle part, the mid sole might wear out more faster and you might not get the same amount of mileage compared to other brands. But since it was built to be a performance/racing shoe, I guess it’s not really intended to be a training shoe which is made to endure longer mileage.

note: for training, i think the Skechers Pro SRR is recommended…

The only downside I can think of right now in wearing the Skechers GOrun shoes is that it might get too comfy and I might find it hard adjusting when wearing other brands hehehe… 😉

Meb Keflezighi at the ING NYCM

I’ll just leave the technical review to the shoe experts, I only shared to you my experience with the shoe that helped Elite Marathon Champion Meb Keflezighi break his marathon records with wins in New York  City Marathon and topping the Houston Trials to qualify  for the London Oympics 2012.

Will continue using the shoes and I’m hoping that the Skechers GOrun will keep up and endure the mileage to help me build/recover the running base I once had en route to finishing another Full Marathon in the coming months.

Special thanks to Ms. Katrina Ong, Ms. Bernice Almonte-Bobadilla and Ms. Michelle Obligacion of Skechers Fitness Philippines for allowing me to experience how it feels to be in Meb’s shoes. 🙂 More power!



  1. I was so excited about having one but since I got it n used it I felt un comfortable and during my exercise I got severe pain in my legs arc so I need advice

    • Hi! I was also uncomfortable with it the first time i used it, leg/calf pain must’ve been from the foot strike transition since the shoe guides you on doing mid foot. With the arch pain, is it because of the slight bump inside? If you’re flat footed, you’d really be uneasy at first. Try short distances first since you’re feet needs to adjust to the transition. Then gradually adjust your mileage. But as your feet gets used to the technology, i’m hoping that you’ll start to love the shoe.

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