Posted by: cruisec0ntr0l | June 18, 2012

Run United 2: A piece of the Pizza Puzzle

A piece of the medal pie 😉

“The miracle isn’t that I finished, the miracle is that I had the courage to start.”John Bingham

Registered and started the race with courage, ended it with pure will…with training being hampered and no long runs the past 3 weeks, that’s my mantra for yesterday’s Run United 2 21k run in BGC/MOA. Confident also of the fact that the organizers will keep up with it’s commitment to always put runners’ welfare as their primary objective.

From hydration to traffic flow, everything was executed to the letter…well, except for some difficulty in setting up the finisher’s arch due to force majeure. But in his commitment to perfection and excellence, Coach Rio himself ran his own race while making sure that each runner is ok.

Facebook photo of Irone Boquiron during the RU2 race.

You could even see him helping out in cleaning up the trash…I just can’t help but compare him with a marathon/race organizer a few years back, whom I saw leisurely standing in the sidelines near a water station when all the other stations are running out of water.

Anyways, congrats once again to the whole Runrio team and Unilab Active Health for another great event. Happy to have my first piece of the pie…can’t wait to get the next one! 😉



  1. Nice account, Bob! Now, who could that marathon/RD be, standing there doing nothing? Hahah…:-)

    • thank you sir! ibubulong ko na lang sayo pag nagkita tayo hehehe…

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