Posted by: cruisec0ntr0l | April 3, 2012

My Salomon XTrail Pilipinas Experience

Last Saturday was not an “ordinary” Saturday, was up at 1am preparing for a run. Not just a run but a “Road to Trail” run in Tagaytay. Rode with friends Art & Vimz and met up with Jet, Rod and Banjo at McDonald’s in Petron SLEX. After a quickie brekkie, off we went to the Highlands.

Arrived at the venue a little after 5, it was drizzling ang foggy, but was surprised that it wasn’t chilly. I was kind of hoping it would be cold so I was a bit disappointed. Never the less, the weather was still comfortable for a run. Based on the recon we did a few weeks ago, this will not be an easy trek.

We then boarded a shuttle that brought us to the race venue, got there a few minutes after the 24k has started so Rod, Jet and Banjo took off in an instant. Vimz and I will only be doing the 12k so we still had enough time to limber up and stretch before we were sent off. Gunstart was exactly 6am, armed with our hydropaks, we were set to go. What greeted us was the more than a kilometer of ascending roads that will automatically give you the notion that this will be an uphill climb to the finish. It was also nice bumping into friends Jaymie aka thebullrunner, Hector and Mayen of Secondwind at the first few kilometers.

thick fog hugging the mountain trails...

We then arrived at the entrance to the trails…it was a mild ascent at first that slowly transcends into a basically up and down battle with the trails. It was slippery and muddy since it was raining the past few days, we’re still a bit fortunate that it wasn’t raining on race day. Good thing there were ropes on the steepest portions. It was all run, walk and sometimes “crawl” for us the whole time since Vimz and I hasn’t been training much lately. We’re here to have fun just like in any other races that we participate in.

here we are negotiating the slight ascent.

At the point where we are about to proceed and complete the route we humbly decided to just take the 6k route to the finish line. With a really more than challenging race course, the dreaded Plantar Fasciitis is making it’s presence felt. So it’s just wise to DNF than to continue the battle and end up badly injured.

on our way back...with Vimz and CJ.

At the turn, another friend CJ, who’s doing the 6k caught up with us and decided to just join our leisurely run/walk til the end. As I’ve mentioned , the road to the finish will be an uphill climb. A few more run/walk sessions and we’re finally there. We didn’t bother to cross the line since we decided not to complete the whole 12k race course, but we still had a great time none the less.

run to the finish...NOT! 😉 (photo courtesy of Art Mendoza)

the Finish Line...not this time. 😦

my battle scarred trail shoes 😉

After a much needed shower at the club house, we went back to the venue to have brunch with the organizers and other participants who really had a blast.

a nice brunch with the happy bunch! with Banjo, Laira, Rod, Sir Rene, Vima, Lou and Jet. (photo courtesy of Art Mendoza)

Special shoutout to the Salomon Team-Primer Group peeps, especially to Janice Tanada and Laira Legaspi for taking care of us the whole time. Congratulations and looking forward to the Salomon Xtrail Pilipinas 2013.


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