Posted by: cruisec0ntr0l | April 1, 2012

Race for FREE @the NatGeo Earthday Run 2012

FREE Race kits, anyone?

The Organizers are giving away 1 slot for each(3k, 5k, 10k, 21k) category for FREE. All you have to do is comment on the “specific” post for each race category and include a short note on how you could contribute in saving Mother Earth.

In a few hours, I will be making a separate individual post for each of the race categories and all you have to do is be the 3rd person to make a comment for the 3k, 5th for the 5k, 10th for the 10k and 21st for the 21k category/post.” There is one little “requirement” though, you have to like  the National Geographic Channel Philippines Facebook page ( to be eligible to join the contest. Kindly include your complete name.

Details on how to claim your free race kits will be posted together with the winners next week. 😉


Note: you can comment (one per race category) on all categories/posts and if you happen to win more than once, you have to choose one category. the next person who made a comment on the category that you’ll be giving up automatically gets the slot.



  1. Sana manalo me 🙂

    • goodluck! 😉

  2. lessen my carbon footprint thru reuse and recycle plastic bags

    – barefootdaves/

    • watch out for the 3k post later daves…

  3. This comment is for 10Km.

    In travelling short distances, use bicycles instead of motorcycles to reduce the production of CO ( carbon monoxide), which affects the o-zone layer.

    Plus, it is also good for the physical health.

    Thank you. .

    • Pinky, watch out for the 10k post tonight. please comment on the said post. 🙂

  4. Reduce the usage of fossil fuel and plant more trees to put back balance to our ecosystem.

    • alex, later pa hahaha.

  5. stop illegal logging…and conserve water…(“,)

    this is for 10k…

  6. recycle used materials…

    for 10k 😉

    • jayvee/rhing, please wait for the post for the 10k category. place your comments there, will be posted in a while…goodluck!

  7. to avoid using plastic as much as possible…instead using paper bags… 🙂

    – edward querras/

    • Hi Edward, the free race kit for 5k is already closed and comments should be made on the specific post for each of the race categories. please take time to read carefully and better luck next time.

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