Posted by: cruisec0ntr0l | April 1, 2012

FREE 21k Race Kit for the NatGeo Earth Day Run 2012

the natgeo earth day run 2012 21k race route

If you want to run this route on April 22nd, be the 21st person to make a comment (together with your complete name) and you automatically get One (1) FREE 21k race kit.

Good luck runners!

To know more about the contest mechanics, click on:




  1. Reduce the usage of fossil fuel and plant more trees to put back balance to our ecosystem.

  2. Maolen Precillas

  3. I will avoid using motorized vehicles and resort to either running or cycling when I need to go places nearby


  5. I want to run 21k

  6. dennis r. lacsamana

  7. jen lacsamana

  8. Kelvin Matematico

  9. I want a free race kit.

    Mary Gold dela Cruz

  10. Paperless office transactions and organize more tree planting activities.

  11. i will just take the stairs when going up 1 floor or going down 2.

  12. will be practicing earth hour everyday.

  13. limit the use of plastic bags when doing the groceries and instead use the recyclable ones.

  14. install insulation materials to lessen the load on air conditioners

  15. i will no longer use incandescent bulbs and instead use EFL

  16. i will no longer use my microwave oven for reheating meals.

  17. save on fuel, will be using my bike when travelling short distances.

  18. pag may pupuntahan ako na less than 5k ang distansiya, tatakbuhin ko na lang kesa sumakay ako ng jeep.

  19. Install Solar Panels to maximize use of solar energy and lessen electrical energy consumption.

  20. This is my first time to join the natgeo run.. Hoping to receive a free race kit.. Hehe!

  21. Stop using plastic bags and use recyclables instead 🙂

    • Congrats for being the 21st commenter, will just inform you on how to claim your free 21k racekit.

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