Posted by: cruisec0ntr0l | February 27, 2012

A Message Update from Coach Rio Re:RU1

Hello Runners!

More than 11,000 runners are already registered for the Run United 1 on March 4 and 4,000 out of the 11,000 are 21km runners! This is the biggest 21km participation in the country.

We apologize to those who did not make it to the 21km registration. We will increase the allocation in our future races. For now, you can still join the March 4 race by signing-up for the lower categories. We have extended the registration since we can’t increase the 21km slots.

You can register until March 2 but again, slots are still not guaranteed. If we run out of slots before March 2, we will close the registration.

All registration sites are open.

Thank you for your usual support.

– Coach Rio

Just a side note…A lot has been said about this race. People maligned, and even accused of taking advantage of runners.

This announcement only shows that you cannot just simply put a good company/person down by making nasty comments and ridiculous open letters. One thing is for sure though, this will be another good race. A race so good even the critics can’t resist being a part of , it is also on record that they registered for the whole Run United Series as well.

Ironic isn’t it? 😉


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