Posted by: cruisec0ntr0l | February 21, 2012

Runrio Trilogy Awards Night


21 February 2012, Decagon at Silver City, Frontera Verde, City of Pasig.

The annual awards night for all runners who completed the Afroman Distance (Leg1-21k, Leg2-21k, Leg3-32k) of the Runrio Trilogy-Run United 2011.

To start off the night was a loud and upbeat number from the Las Pinas Performers

Hosts Tricia Chiongbian-Concepcion and Anthony Suntay started the ball rolling...

Coach Rio about to give out medals to the first batch of awardees...

Every runner had their few seconds of fame, having been called up on stage to acknowledge their accomplishment and receive their medals from Coach Rio himself.




a Heart pumping performance from the Philippine All-Stars

In between performances, Medals were again handed out to the deserving runners who trained consistently and hard to be able to endure and complete all the longest distances of Run United 1,2 & 3 last year.


the All-Stars pumpin' it up once again!

There were also performances from the LED dancers who used LED balls in lieu of  poi/fire and a cheerdance number from Runrio’s very own Justin Cordero and her team mates.

Runrio Inc. GM Angelo Yaneza presenting to all runners what's in store for 2012.

After seeing all the events that Runrio will be organizing this year, I’m sure a lot of people will once again be encouraged to join the races and change their sedentary lifestyle and move over to an active way of life.

Even Coach Rio couldn't resist giving in to the prodding of all the runners to show his moves up on stage with the All-Stars...

Judging from the success of the event, I’m pretty sure that next year’s awards night will be bigger and better. Everyone had so much fun that even critics enjoyed and even had the time of their lives…

So what are you waiting folks, less than 800 slots left for the RU1 21k, a third of your ticket to next years festivities. Head on to Riovana stores now before it runs out. See you all on race day and hopefully at next year’s Trilogy Awards Night.


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