Posted by: cruisec0ntr0l | November 21, 2011

Hinulugan Taktak Revisited…

Hinulugan Taktak National Park in Antipolo was a big part in my marathon training, being from Cainta was a plus since we are roughly 10k from the area. It was a nice training ground for me since roads going up to Antipolo are wide, with less traffic and nicer air quality than the usual running routes in the Metro…Well, as a “local” I, together with other running friends in the area traced a route different from what others take. Ours was away from traffic and more close to nature especially the back roads of Valley Golf and Victoria Valley, to the smooth and tree lined Daang Bakal road leading to the famed Hinulugan Taktak Falls…you could even run through the clouds since the area was usually covered in fog on cold rainy mornings especially during December/January…

After my second Full Marathon last February (Condura Skyway Marathon), I sort of fell into a slump. Found myself caught in what they call the “runner’s blues” (+injury, etc.)…I was still joining races but the distances and intensity of my runs were all short and easy…Not being able to train as frequent made me gain a considerable amount of weight, with clothes fitting a bit tightly, I needed to gather all my wits and bearings to counter the effects of the “blues”.

With the injury healing quite well, I’ve been slowly but surely doing  my workouts on a regular basis and adding mileage inch by inch. 😉 Last week, we did some house cleaning and remembered that I have a bike hehehe…a rusty old “hybrid”. Since I was  terribly missing my  route, why not fix my bike and ride up to Antipolo? So with a little tinkering and change of tires, he’s ready to roll once again.

The ride went out smoothly until the dreaded uphills inside Valley Golf up until Cloud 9/Padi’s Pt. area, where all the bikers would pass by as if I’m walking. But there’s something about my hybrid that amazes me, everytime I’m on the downhill, I seem to overtake everyone effortlessly (freewheeling). But lo and behold, the other cyclist couldn’t take it that an out of shape (well, round is a shape ahahaha…) biker with an old and beat up set of wheels would overtake them with ease. 😉 Upon reaching the flats, they would once again pedal hard to regain their superiority, with a few others cutting in my lane as if to say that I’m better than you. Much for their ego trip, ll I can say is, you guys overtook me with so much effort but when it’s my time to do so, I do it with ease hahaha…

We runners have a saying that we often remember when encountering “hellish” ascents…”pag may uphill, siguradong may darating na downhill” hehehe…So the long and grinding trip to Hinulugan Taktak was once again all worth it. Stayed on for a few minutes and did some repeats at the smooth Daang Bakal road, and after a few sips of gatorade and an energy gel, I bid goodbye to one of the most beautiful and challenging route you could everfind, this close to the city…

Until we see each other again…will surely pay you another visit, this time on foot and with some company to make it more enjoyable…


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