Posted by: cruisec0ntr0l | November 15, 2011

RU3: Just a Walk in the Park

The last and final leg of the Runrio Trilogy that was held last Sunday at the SM MOA grounds was success. With the huge turnout, you can see a lot of smiling and satisfied runners after the race. I originally signed up for the 32k “Afroman” distance, all excited since i wasn’t able to do it in it’s initial offering last year. But I guess it just wasn’t meant to be, lack of training due to injuries and runners blues 😉 deprived me of another “feather” in my cap. The plan was to join the wave and just bail out at around 10-12k and just head back to the event area for a DNF.

A few weeks ago, i joined the adobo Run after Dark at the nearby Aseana Business park and had a chance to catch up with old friends. One would be Tanya Lara of Philippine Star. She told me that it’s been almost a year already since she actually ran and joined a race. We ran alongside each other in the 5k category and told me that she’s planning to join the 10k in RU3 and requested me to pace her. Being the jolly old me, with no ifs and buts, i quickly agreed.

Then came race day. We met at the parking lot just right after the gun was fired for our race category. Since we were already late because of the traffic, we decided not to be in a rush. We had a leisurely walk to the starting line that slowly transitioned into a jog as we approach the starting line. The strategy was to walk for a few minutes after every water station so we won’t be too spent after, but at the 6min mark, she was huffing and puffing…waaah! I guess it’s time to revise the plan hehehe…run ’til she can and walk ’til the time where she feels like running again hahaha…that cycle went on for the whole 9yards…errr i mean 10k. We just contented ourselves talking about our previous runs with our group before and shared her some updates about interesting personalities who are now making a name in the running scene.

After a few more stories and numerous laughing moments, the finishline is now  within our sights. We then decided to shuffle our feet once more. Atlast, we crossed the line at 1:40+. Near the line was the Afroman himself, who congratulated Tanya on her comeback. After that story filled run-walk, she vowed to train once again. More seriously this time and regain the lost glory she once had hahaha…That is how this 10k run turned out to be…well…partly and clearly, a “walk in the park”.

*met up with some friends after the race and had brunch at the “enchanted kingdom” tent… 😉 thanks again to Runrio for another well organized and fun filled event. 

sharing with you the link for tanya’s article about riovana and bits of our “walk in the park” :=P


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