Posted by: cruisec0ntr0l | November 2, 2011

Ungguyan @ the adobo Run After Dark 2011

Last Saturday, the 29th of October marked one of the happiest night runs in the metro. Who wouldn’t enjoy running alongside people in costumes and in a party atmosphere? As expected a lot if not all the runners had a fun, fun time…in other words, parang “nag-uungguyan” lang hahaha…

ang unggoy! 😉

Never mind if the route was short, some areas were un-lit and even if we had to walk more than a kilometer to and from the event area. With the runners safety as the main consideration (for some last minute changes), I surely didn’t mind. I ran the 5k (which turned out to be 4.5k) with friends, some even in costumes. I didn’t wear one but wore a mask instead, although I didn’t put it on until the last 50 meters to avoid tripping and getting asphyxiated hahaha…

sa wakas, nakahinga rin hehehe...pero bakit parang walang pinag-iba? hmmm...medyo pumuti lang 😛

After crossing the finishline, everyone was smiling. Not caring that much about their times, but much more concerned if their costumes didn’t fall apart and would still look good for the picture taking.

the gang...bagang! 😀

There were bands playing, poi dancers performing…it’s as if you were in Brazil or in New Orleans for their annual Mardi Gras…

As promised, Manila Beer was over flowing. There were even manila beer girls with “beer pistols” waiting to shoot some willing victims hahaha…That alone made a lot of runners happy, imagine drinking beer while being high on endorphins. WOW! Fireworks display added glitter to another wonderful night with friends, and I wouldn’t dare miss it if ever they’ll do it again next year.

together with the unkabogable race director 😉

Kudos to the organizing team, but I have one suggestion though…mas masarap uminom ng Manila Beer pag may kasamang sisig hahaha…

*thanks to Gigi and Art for the pix 😉


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