Posted by: cruisec0ntr0l | July 29, 2011

AIR21, a staunch supporter of Fitness

In line with  the AIR21’s support for the upcoming NBA Fit Run on August 7, 2011 at the BGC grounds, the following is an official message from the company to show their commitment and full support in promoting a healthier lifestyle.

AIR21 had always been at the forefront when it comes to supporting advocacies that involves health and fitness. A freight and cargo forwarding company, AIR21 had been an active participant in various sports events may it be local or international.

Since its inception on June 21, 1979, AIR21 believed in the power of sports to equalize and unite people headed by its active founder, visionary and Chairman of the Board, Alberto D. Lina.

Alberto “Bert” D. Lina himself is an active leader in various sports events being a golfer, a governor of the Philippine Basketball Association and Chairman Emeritus of the Integrated Cycling Federation of the Philippines to name a few.
As fruits of his unwavering hardwork and sports initiatives, he brought AIR21 to the game that all Filipinos love; basketball, with the AIR21 Express, organized and promoted Padyak Pinoy for the cycling community with the AIR21 Cycling team as representatives and encouraged sports participation among children by sponsoring the AIR21 Basketball Camp with the AIR21 Express.

Just last January, Linaheim Corporate Services Inc., a member of the Lina Group of Companies and a sister company of AIR21, launched the Live Life at LGC, which promotes series of programs to help employees of the Lina Group of Companies stay in their best shape. Time passed by, and people had been more into the healthy and active lifestyle. AIR21 employees, actively participated in yoga and belly dancing classes which are being offered for free. The employees were even able to build small sporting communities among themselves with their fellow running or badminton buddies.

Adapting to the signs of the times, AIR21 did not waste any time in joining and supporting fun runs. As a total logistics solutions provider, AIR21 sponsored various fun runs by delivering race bibs and singlets to online registrants. Among the running events that AIR21 supported are the 10.10.10 A Run for Pasig River, Condura Run and most recently the NBA-AIR21 Fit Run 2011.
“Sports did not just make Filipinos proud of their race, it also hoisted their confidence which propels them to do better at work or in everything they do,” says Bert Lina.

With more than 32 years in the logistics industry, AIR21 commits itself to support and participate in existing and upcoming sports events hoping to bring out the same joy, excitement and pride that sports does not just to its employees but to all Filipinos.


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