Posted by: cruisec0ntr0l | July 26, 2011

Ran the HALF, went home FULL…@the Rexona Adventure Run

It’s been almost 2months since I’ve ran this distance at the Greenfield Clean Air Run, and in that span, bad weather and an old nagging/chronic injury slowed me down that somehow kept me grounded.

A few weeks leading to this event, I was able to put in some mileage. But based on past experience, this is going to be quite a struggle…based on my present condition, a struggle to finish hehehe…The goal was simple, just to finish in 3hrs or better. Achievable? YES!

I’ve also learned a few days before the race that some friends are also doing the half and it’s a sort of a comeback run for one. It got me kind of excited because based on our past runs together, I’m sure this is gonna be fun.

with Wilbert, Jaimie, Gigi and Vimz

Well, I didn’t get dissappointed…Got my target and certainly had a blast. You know, in life…you lose some, you win some! I lost some of my cardio-training and missed some friends/running buddies the past few months, and now it’s time to pick it up once again and get that “spunk” back. 😉

I started the day “lost” by just aiming for the HALF, but ended up a “winner” and went home FULL! Full of smiles with lots of “kwento”…:-)

Breakfast-kwentuhan @the Pancake House with Jaimie, Wilbert and Gigi

*Thanks to Gigi the Hugging Fit Mommy for the pictures.


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