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Nike Free Run+2 Test Run

Two weeks ago, I, together with several runner-bloggers and members of the media were fortunate enough to participate in a test run sponsored by Nike Philippines. Here, we are allowed to road test their newest shoe which is the Free Run+2. It is said to mimic barefoot running, allowing the foot to move freely but with added support to protect the soles of the feet from foreign matters that would result to injury.

Nike Air Presto

If my memory serves me right, they are the first ones to introduce the barefoot running technology with their Presto line many years back. I myself is a Presto user before but since I wasn’t into running yet at that time, it was more of just a comfort shoe for me. The ones I normally wear everytime I want my feet to “breathe” or if I’m going for a long walk.

Nike Free Run+2 for men

Nike Free Run+ 2 for women

After several years of product development, they now came up with with the Nike Free’s that eventually led to it’s latest version which is the Nike Free Run+2. A lot of shoe manufacturers followed suit in coming up with their own line of  barefoot running shoes which is good for runners so they’ll have more options to choose from, ones that would suit their own unique needs. As for me, I’ve only tried 2 and I would say that the Free Run+2 suits me better. Not to say that the other brand is inferior, I know a lot of people who enjoy using that brand but as they say, to each his own. I’ll just leave the technical review of this shoe to the experts and would just want to share the full product description from the shoe makers. 😉


 Nike Free Run+ 2

Nike Free Run+ 2 creates an innovative new approach to upper construction that mimics the underlying architecture of the foot to deliver a unique blend of barefoot-like freedom and shoe-like running. The midsole features high-resolution siping based on Nike’s latest Nike Free learnings and promotes an incredibly smooth, naturally neutral ride. Nike Free Run+ 2 is the perfect entry point for runners who are looking for a more minimal, barefoot-like experience without sacrificing the cushioning, protection, and traction benefits of a running shoe.


Ideal if you’re a runner who wants the strengthening and natural gait management benefits associated with barefoot training, but also need the cushioning, traction and underfoot protection of a shoe.


The unique upper design of the Nike Free Run+ 2 shoe was inspired by the anatomy of the foot, in which seemingly delicate bones, ligaments, tendons, and muscles are interconnected in a remarkable lattice work that enables the foot to support an enormous amount of impact and pressure. Similarly, the multi-layered upper design of Nike Free Run+ 2 features minimal overlays that allow for a much wider range of motion than would be possible in a conventional running shoe, yet those layers are also sufficiently robust to provide the support runners need.


8.9 ounces in a men’s size 10

7.2 ounces in a women’s size 8

SRP: P4,795

the shoe's technical description


1 Full innersleeve construction provides a dynamic, sock-like fit that hugs the foot, but still allows for easy on and off.

2 Innovative upper construction bonds narrow strips of an incredibly thin and strong material directly to the mesh in key support zones. It’s reinforced by a stronger material to boost support and durability where they’re essential, while eliminating material where they aren’t.

3 Asymmetrical lacing system helps to reduce pressure over the top ridge of the foot for enhanced comfort.


4 Ultra-high resolution siping pattern for an incredibly smooth, naturally neutral ride.

5 Phylite midsole provides a resilient ride and enough durability to double as an outsole, dramatically reducing the overall weight.

6 Molded sockliner mimics the curvature of the foot for a great fit, enhanced comfort, and added support (not pictured).

7 “Center-of-pressure” heel design uses geometry to cushion on contact without compromising flexibility and transition.


8 Abrasion-resistant BRS 1000 carbon rubber under the highest wear regions of the shoe for enhanced durability.

9 Waffle pistons in the outsole work in conjunction with the Phylite midsole by helping to absorb impact, and then springing back to

the original shape for added responsiveness.

10 Strategically placed segments of solid rubber enhance traction and durability in key-wear zones.

Special thanks to Marco Sindiong of Ogilvy and Mae Dichupa of Nike Philippines for this experience.



  1. I had buy one , Feetfeeling comfort for me , but The sole is too soft,I Worry about It’s durability

    • yup me too, maybe because of the absence of the outsole. i use it though for short runs and walks and also after a race to let the feet relax and recover…works absolutely fine.

  2. I wear mine for Cross country races and practice. I’m in High School and this shoe just stuck out so I decided to try it. It feels nice for runs up to 10 miles. I haven’t gone further yet, but I may sometime. One thing I like is that it breathes easily. I also wear them for comfort and leisure(around the house and at school). They’re good for that too. One thing I have heard is that these are good shoes to wear before transitioning to the Vibram FiveFingers. The durability right now seems fine, and I’ve worn them on tough 10 mile runs; through mud, into washes, into rocks, and up hills. I live in Arizona so yeah :]

    • Hi Kyle! Well it’s good to know that the shoe fits you well, so are there plans of going barefoot in the future? VFF’s are fine also but for me, I only use them after a run or strolling in the mall. Thanks for dropping by and run safe.

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